“Zero-distance, all-weather” service

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Relying on first-class technology; rich management experience; superior service, Careston Elevator executes scientific maintenance; strict quality supervision to the products.  Choosing Careston elevator for a complete set of service system!
The company pursues the objective of “customer is God”.  It establishes professional installation team, nation-wide after-sale service network, parts supply system.  It provides the clients with 24-hour “zero-distance, all-weather” service.  Therefore every passenger of Careston elevator enjoys the pleasant and relaxing “journey”!

Installation service

Elevator installation is decisive to elevator travel and running properties.  Specialized manufacturer installation of Careston Elevator is your best choice!

Installation team

Careston thinks highly of elevator installation.  All assembly engineers go through harsh and rigorous training.  They know everything in mechanical parts, control system, structure and properties of Careston elevators.

Installation standard

Installation of Careston elevators strictly follows the national installation standard and corresponding parameter requirements.  After installation completion to each elevator, it shall go through very strict quality inspection and test inside Careston.  Only after the standard approval, can it be delivered and used by the user.

Site and equipment protection

During the installation process, we well-protect the parts, final products at site at all times.

Operation standard

Careston has strict standard for work communication language, installation tools, points for attention, division to work area etc.

PLUS Service

“PLUS service” of Careston Elevator pursues the service ideas of “customer is God”.  It surrounds the themes of “exclusive, intellectual, positive”.  It determines 6 service rules.  It provides you with all-round trustworthy experience and value-added service.  It adheres to globally uniform service standard of Careston.  It further enhances full-course service experience for broad clients.  It creates superior elevator service standards.

Exclusive advisory service

From installation to delivery and use, Careston furnishes exclusive service advisors for each user.  It offers one-to-one noble services.

Long-distance elevator condition detection

Through analyzing the elevator running condition, it makes prompt knowledge, applies the effective preventative measures.  It thus efficiently avoids any elevator trouble.  You feel more assured in use.

Positive maintenance reminder

Monitor Center reminds of timely maintenance by phone / SMS as per your elevator travel statistics and use time.  It actively and professional provides you with careful and considerate services.

Tailor-made maintenance plan

Aiming at different requirements of every Careston elevator user, it offers individual annual maintenance plan.  It wholeheartedly supplies you with superior and specialized service.

Regular / irregular test report

Each season, it mails you simple and lucid elevator running / testing report so that you grasp first-hand information as soon as possible.  Let’s fully enjoy care-free up / down experience.

7×24-hour services

It provides the clients with 24-hour “zero-distance, all-weather” service.  Therefore every passenger of Careston elevator enjoys the pleasant and relaxing “journey”!