Information Display System

彩票半全场胜负 Through information display system, housing management center can transfer various information services to residents.  It is another enjoyment while passengers are waiting for elevators.  It reinforces the passenger flow guide function in the building.  Meanwhile, it carries out brand cooperation with advertisers.  As channel of advertisement income, information display system combines with elevators.  It becomes an indispensable part of elevator.

Standard solution plan of Careston elevator information

Standard solution plan of Careston elevator information:  It applies single-PC display system.  It is applicable for information without frequency renewal such as resident name etc.  It can renew the information through USB interface.
High-grade solution plan of Careston elevator information:  It applies on-line display system.  It can execute long-distance renewal through local PC or automatically through server.  It is applicable for frequently-renewed information such as advertisement, weather broadcast, information reminder etc.

Advantages of information display system solution plans:

1) It enhances efficiency in housing management.  System can execute long-distance concentrated control / management through network.
2) It more promptly, effectively and conveniently provides the owners with various information services.
3)  It can purposely issue the advertisement, public sale.
4)  It increases the service brand.  It forms sound inter-action amid owner, advertiser and housing management.

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