Install Elevator

彩票半全场胜负 Following the development of urban construction, it keeps increasing the people’s life standard.  Especially under the circumstance of more and more serious ageing of population, people eagerly want to install elevators in old multi-storey buildings so as to solve the difficulty of up / down for the old.  Old buildings have no elevators.  Therefore people intend to install new elevators in those old buildings.  Undoubtedly, it is a project for the benefit of the people.

Solution plan of elevator re-installation

As for renewal / transformation of old elevators, apart from ensuring new safety; prompt and convenient standards, renewed / transformed elevators increase the reliability, energy-saving, comfortable travel, attractive outline etc.
Three kinds of Careston elevator renewal / transformation plans can be formulated according to your actual needs.  Meanwhile, based upon our effective work progress, your elevators will be transformed within short period of time.  It reduces its affection to residents / renters as low as possible.

Added value of an elevato

1)  Elevator installation raises the value of your assets.
2)  Buildings that install the elevators are more attractive to potential buyers.
3)  Elevator can increase the prompt and convenient properties.

Elevator enhances the life quality.

1)  People can safely do various activities in the buildings.
2)  The old can live at home with for a longer time.
3)People who carry big articles, baby’s cart, in wheel chair can more easily get upstairs.

Elevator re-installation is easier and quicker beyond your imagination.

1)  Every year, we transform / install thousands of elevators / escalators all over the world.
2) Our flow enables us to quickly and smoothly finish the installation as soon as possible.
3) We coordinate with the whole flow from planning to completion.
4) We lower down the construction influence as low as possible. We will make simple and clear communication with you regarding the project time plan, construction progress etc.

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