Purpose Selection System

彩票半全场胜负 www.eiydbg.com.cn Careston destination floor selective system (DSC) can fulfill access control function.  It offers convenience for building management.  Through choice in waiting hall and accurate control calculation, DSC control system tells the passengers which elevator can reach destination floor as soon as possible.  It reduces middle parking, enhances the conveying efficiency.

We offer two kinds of destination floor selective solution plans.

Mixed selective destination floor:  Destination floor selective operation panel is only installed in main floor.  Other floors use traditional hall signal system.  Car applies traditional car operation panel.  Mixed destination floor selective system is equipped in floor with concentrated passenger flow.  It is especially effective for quick evacuation of passenger flow, relief of traffic pressure in main floors.
Completely selective destination floor:  All floors install with destination floor selective operation panel.  Therefore no selective button is available in car operation panel.

Advantages of destination floor selective system solution plans:

1)  While passenger flow is huge or within peak hours, it can concentrate with passenger flow and enhance the conveying efficiency.
2)  It intellectually assigns same floor passengers in same car.  It thus reduces parking times and travel period.
3) System inherits the building access control system and reinforces the security.
4) It shortens the elevator running cycle and operation time.  It reduces elevator start times and saves the energy.
5) It increases the security. Elevator system can integrate with Careston access control system.  It restricts unauthorized people from using elevator.  Therefore residents feel more trustworthy.

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