After-sales service

Careston elevator starts from the clients’ construction, finishes till the products’ life-long service limit.  Careston elevators furnishes full-course fine and most considerate services.



Elevator quality warranty

Quality warranty date starts from qualified installation date of Careston elevators.  You can contact local sales networks.  They know very well of Careston elevator properties and construction.  Skillful technicians provide you with professional services.


Pure & original parts

Careston Elevator provides you with globally uniform product quality.  Furthermore, it offers long-term guarantee for you in future.  Original parts of Careston elevators go through harsh test.  Therefore your elevators are always in good running conditions.


Free test before expiration of quality warranty period

Nobody wants to come upon troubled elevators just after quality warranty period.  Do not worry.  We will call you before it comes.  We book comprehensive test for you, supply you with free repair service within warranty range.


Free elevator maintenance

We provide you with free elevator maintenance since the date of qualified elevator installation.  Free service includes material cost and man-hour.